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You will receive confidential, prompt and reliable service from our staff

You are a unique person working in a unique environment looking for the right professional, and we excel by having the abilities, the experience, the gifts, and resources to help you hire the colleague you want.  Let me explain...

You have a choice of Four premium services:

1. We help you and your staff further develop their skills, abilities, resources, assessments, environment and processes by elevating your recruitment efforts to their highest level.  This means you have the time, the energy, the staff, the right dynamics in place but could use an outside professional review and recommendations to find, attract, assess, and negotiate (the obvious and hidden wants and wishes of prospects) so you can choose the right team member from a quality list of  candidates.

To make this choice work you need to have a high level of confidence both in your self, your recruiting staff as well as your work and community environments.  Can you imagine after all your work, time, and expense, loosing your top recruit because their religious community wasn't nearby or didn't find the right sports program for their children?  Believe me, after our many years of recruiting we're always amazed by the slightest details that can ruined a bright future relationship.

Which best describes your confidence level:  

1. I have a high level of confidence in my team, but would like to hear more
2 . I have some confidence in my team but they could use a little refresher
3. Ok, honestly they could really use some help.  Let's talk Time & Costs
4. We thought we could fly, but so far we've just crashed & burned. Call me asap
5.  If my pager goes off one more time today, you're going to need to find ME a replacement. Aaagggghhhhhhhhh....
If your confidence level is One or Two , then lets talk about creating a staff and departmental development profile and assessment determining a pattern and process for your more successful recruiting program.  Just send us your contact information and we'll take it from you can answer that pager...just email the following...

Your Name:
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2.  If your confidence level is Three and you're working on a tight budget and with a staff that will someday be among the best, then we offer a personalized mix and match design that builds a closer relationship with your staff and those fundamental elements of a successful recruiting program.  There is an art to matching top candidates and quality employers, and it takes the right combination of interpersonal gifts, discernment, relationship building, awareness of community factors, work environment issues & policies, individual and team dynamics and more.  We really shine in building long successful relationships.  This premium level develops your team and we add our strengths to yours sharing in the success and rewards.  Email the following...

Company Name:
City & State:
Assistant's Name:
Assistant's Direct Phone Number:
Assistant's Direct Email Address:

3.  If your confidence level is Four, we've been there and done that years ago.  There's nothing like experience to season and perfect your fundamental skills and gifts honed by a lot of work.  It's no fun spending all that time and effort wooing the right professional only to loose them to some non-descript, hard to say, personal reason why they said no or worse, caused such a disturbance to the whole team or even worse yet, bordered on malpractice.  As you know, it can get ugly real fast.

Your Third premium service does it all.

Examples include:

  • You choose from quality candidates from your competition.  (Keeping peace and harmony in town, the region, state, or specialty)
  • Premium candidates seek a recruiter to represent them.  You staff might totally miss these stars!  Generally, they are very busy with work, family, and the many pressures of life, just like you.  They see us as a natural way to extend their search yet manage their time effective and/or keep their candidacy confidential.  They seek position prescreening services.
  • You have access to a qualified, active candidate base with accompanying resumes of thousands of active and  highly skilled health professionals.  Our affiliates and many other recruiters draw on our candidate base as do employers from around the country.  All candidates submitted their resume to us.  We do not lift resumes off of public sources and put them in our candidate base.  All candidates have sought our assistance in their search effort.
  • You get  proper focus, time and attention to fill critical need positions. There are no competing priorities distracting us like they do your staff.
  • You participate in establishing realistic expectations for both you the employer and employee you want.
  • You have us to ask questions and act as an intermediary/neutral third party allowing many otherwise unspoken issues or concerns surface.  Often this will stop an inappropriate hire (saving big bucks!) or save one that would have been unnecessarily lost.

  • Know whether a candidate will accept an offer before it's made….  And more!
  • Identify the very best candidates- not the ones with resumes posted on the net, looking at job boards, 
       or even looking for a new position--- yet- until they hear what you have to offer!!
  • High profile candidates EXPECT to use the services of a recruiter for the search process.
  • Maintain confidentiality for the candidate.
  • Convey (the all-important) human elements beyond the resume.
  • Gather personal priority information to assess compatibility with your setting and/or assess your ability meet expectations/needs.
  • Create and manage expectations in the interview process.
  • Prescreen candidates on your criteria prior to submission.
  • Avoid posted resumes which typically yield "buy at the highest cost" employees.  A mindset producing job hoppers.
  • Provide references, which you can direct (from whom).
  • Facilitate the interviewing processes as a liaison between two sets of very busy people.  
      (coordinating calendars, communications after hours with candidates and family, facilitating the obtaining of estimates for relocation, etc.).
  • We do preliminary research to maximize the desired result. (This is where the internet comes in.)

  • And the VERY essential element in the formula for success: Continual, consistent follow-up. It's a key ingredient that separates us from others.

    If you have a few more moments before returning to the call of the wild, let me add...

    TRY US!!!…. You'll like us!

      "Try before you buy." As the client you are not obligated to pay one cent until you employ.  Our fees are contingency based, so interviewing our candidates poses no financial risk for you. You can go to the point of hire  with no obligation to Health Care Solutions. (We do offer retained searches for those interested or multi candidate searches if desired)

    "Sample the goods." We can even arrange a (pseudo) temp-to-perm work arrangement which enables both parties to be comfortable with one another before a contract is signed. SO…"Sample the goods."

    "No-risk guarantee."   Permanent placement contracts include a provision for replacing free-of-charge during the guarantee period.  We are commitment to customer satisfaction.  We will replace a candidate free of charge ,  if released during the guarantee period...Honestly, we have NEVER had to do this. We work hard to clearly communicate your needs and the needs of the prospective employee.  If you do your job and provide the information and access to the information and people we need, we will do our very best to insure you have an employee who will be thrilled to be there and be exceeding your expectations... and our record will continue to stand.

    BONUS SERVICE: Did you know you can take advantage of our steady stream of quality candidates by posting your job listings on ATOPJOB.COM?  Just email and we'll help you with copy and suggestions at a very reasonable price- we're here to help your success.

    What more can a client expect of a trusted recruiter in this win-win-win situation?
    We offer our commitment to establishing a working partnership.

    Try us… You'll like us and I'll bet, we'll like you too...
    Call me!   Cindy Lenz, Ph.D.

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